Thanks for checking out the first post in my “What I’m Doing” series. The purpose of this series is just to share things that I’ve really been into lately: clothes, shoes, food, books, tv shows, movies, stores, places, etc.

What I’m wearing August 2017

This summer I’ve had 3 pieces that I’ve just really been loving to wear. I love them so much I have to keep track of when I wear them, so I don’t wear something to work twice in the same week. Something I’ve been guilty of in the past. What can you do?

First, is my Lilly Pulitzer Evelyn skirt in Amethyst Beach Bathers.

I saw this on the Lilly website once when I was just looking around. I hadn’t seen it advertised in e-mails or snail mail before. I was super surprised because it’s so cute! I ordered it right away!

I love this because it’s light and airy; perfect for Alabama heat. It’s also a great length! I’m comfortable wearing it to work! It’s got a stretchy waist that is pretty wide, so you could pull it up if you wanted a shorter skirt and still be comfortable.

I always pair this with a white top and sandals. Depending on your top and shoes you could totally dress this up or down!

My second piece that I’ve been obsessed with this summer goes great with this skirt! It’s this white cold shoulder top from Old Navy.

My sister and I were out shopping one day, and I saw this on the rack at Old Navy. I thought “what the heck?” and gave it a try. I’m glad I did!

This is a light t-shirt material so it’s great for the summer heat! I love that it’s dressier than a regular t-shirt though. It’s so super cute! I think my favorite thing to wear this top with is a good pair of jeans!

My last piece has stolen my heart! I would wear this every day if I could! It’s my Camille Ruffle Sleeve Blouse from Stitch Fix.

I got this in my summer Stitch Fix box, and honestly, I was a little unsure of it because of the color, pale yellow. I’ve always felt unsure wearing yellow because I have blonde hair. Like it was too much yellow or something. I tried this on and fell in love!

This is super lightweight, so it’s amazing! Do you catch the theme here? Lightweight fabric for summer. Summer is HOT! This dries super-fast too! I spilt coffee on myself while wearing this on my way to a friend’s lingerie shower and my shirt was dry by the time I got there! Luckily the spot wasn’t that noticeable!

I still sometimes wonder if it’s too much yellow, but I really don’t care. This is my favorite shirt right now!

My favorite thing to pair this with is skinny pants or jeans. I have a pair of black skinny pants that this looks great with!

Those are my three summer fashion obsessions! What are you go-to pieces this summer? Where is your favorite place to shop?



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