Hey hey hey! Is everyone super excited for this long Labor Day weekend? I definitely am! Not only because yesterday was my off day, so I have a 4 day weekend, but it’s The Return of UAB football!! UAB is the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where I graduated from in 2010.

I was on the dance team, the Blazerettes, while I was at UAB. We performed during the halftime show at UAB football games.

I got to go to all of the home, and some of the away, football games during my time at UAB. Honestly, I never developed a love for the sport of football, which wasn’t surprising as I went ever one of my high school’s football games and never loved the sport there either. However, I did develop a love for UAB. So I was devastated along with the rest of the UAB family when the president, Dr. Watts, shut down the football program after the 2014 season.

Today, after some 1,000 days, UAB will take the field at Legion Field and play football! Excited really isn’t the correct word to describe me today!

I can’t be down there for the game, my in-laws always come and visit us during this weekend. But, I ordered a new UAB t-shirt I’ll be wearing today. I’ve got the new UAB app so I can follow the game. And I’m loving seeing all of my friend’s posts from the Same Hunt concert last night, and from the football game pictures I know will come. (for those who don’t know, Same Hunt was UAB’s quarterback in 2006 and 2007).

I’ve also been looking through my old Blazerettes pictures!

I am SO excited for UAB football! I can’t wait to get down to Birmingham for some games!! Go Blazers!!

So this long, Labor Day weekend, I’ll be celebrating UAB, win or lose, all weekend! What will you be doing this weekend? Are you excited for college football?


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