Hey! This is my last installment about my trip to visit Anna-leigh in Boston last summer. On my third day we headed up to Newport, Rhode Island to see all of the mansions! A friend of mine from work said he had lived there before and that it was really nice and I should check it out. Anna-leigh and her husband also loved Newport, so I was all on board to go! Now I know that they said we were visiting mansions, but I was not expecting to see such MANSIONS!! They were also along a cliff which was gorgeous!

The first one we visited was the Breakers. This was the Vanderbilt’s summer home. It was insane! First off, it was huge! Second, it was elaborate! It was beautiful and gorgeous and WOW! They also had these awesome tours set up with headsets. Everyone got their own headset and controller. The rooms had numbers listed on signs, and you entered the number in your controller to hear about that room. We got to see the living quarters, the entertaining areas, and even the kitchens! My words can’t really do it justice, so here are some pictures!

Also, the view was to die for! From both the first and second story porches, you could see the water! It’s called The Breakers because you can hear the waves breaking on the cliffs near the home. We enjoyed some time in the backyard while deciding what to do next: lunch!

There is a cliff walk that connects the mansions to the beach. We thought it would be fun to take the cliff walk to the beach and grab lunch at the beach! It was quite a long walk, but awesome! We were along the cliff to the beach which had great views! It was also very cool to see the beach town from a distance! We got to see the backs of the mansions too on our walk! Also, another great time for some quality chatting with friends! I only get to see Anna-leigh a few times a year, so I definitely love when we get times to just hang!

We made it to the beach and decided to grab lunch at a beach hut we saw. I had another lobster roll because New England, right? There was a truck selling Dell’s frozen lemonade. Anna-leigh and her husband said this was another local New England thing, so we had to get one! It was so delicious and refreshing on our walk back to the mansions!

When we got back we decided to tour Chateau-sur-Mer, “Castle by the Sea”. Anna-leigh and her husband hadn’t toured this one yet and I liked the name, so it was a go! This mansion was really cool! It was the biggest fanciest one in the area until the Vanderbilt’s built The Breakers. The original owners were collectors and world travelers. The house was decorated with fancy things from all over!

Chateau-sur-Mer had a great backyard too! We walked out to find the “old round gate” and got a great photo opp! There was also an awesome willow tree that we adventured under!

After the mansions, we headed to the waterfront area of Newport. Here there were tons of restaurants and shops and just a cool place to walk and hangout. We walked up and down the streets checking out random shops. Anna-leigh and I share a love for Lilly Pulitzer, so we had a great time seeing all of the Lilly Pulitzer shops! We shared a laugh after we finally understood what they meant by the Popover being for all those “cool summer nights”, cool summer New England nights for sure! We walked up and down all the docks we could find too! We decided to have dinner at a restaurant that was out over the water.

That’s the last of my Boston trip! I had such an amazing time. I have really loved re-living the trip while getting these posts ready! I’m all the more ready to head back up to Boston right now!!!

Have you been to any of the cool New England cities? Which ones? Do you have any recommendations for things to do or places to go in New England? I’d love to check them out when I get back up there!



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