Hey hey hey! I’m so super excited for this upcoming long weekend! One of my favorite things to do is plan parties/showers! I have so much fun envisioning how the decor and food will look and bringing it to life! My sister and I have been doing this together for her showers and birthday parties for her kiddos! She usually comes up with ideas and I execute! My niece is going to be turning 1 in December, so my sister and I have started a Pinterest board dedicated to planning her the perfect birthday party! I was looking back on my nephew’s birthday parties and my sister’s shower and remembering how much fun I had with those! I’m also pretty proud of how they turned out! I’m sharing these with y’all today!

My sister’s baby shower for my nephew: Baseball and Puppy themed! We had so much fun planning this one out and bringing together two of our favorite things: baseball and puppies!

I made her the wreathe and banner for his bedroom, and we decorated with St. Louis Cardinals outfits for him! They doubled as decor and gifts!
We had dog bone shaped PB&J sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries decorated like baseballs! A family friend made the super cute puppy cake!


My nephew’s first birthday: Mickey themed! We worked hard on this one, and stayed up waaay too late preparing, haha! My sister bought some Mickey decorations from the party store, but we made all the food and personalized decorations!

The left of the cake is a double decker platter with sandwiches. My sister had an idea of making Mickey shaped sandwiches, and I was not going to fail my nephew on this one! I stayed up past midnight cutting lunchmeat and cheese with a Mickey cookie cutter. I know this will be the detail he remembers from his 1st birthday! haha
Check out his adorable birthday hat!
My sister worked hard on the sign all about my nephew while I worked to put his pictures in chronological order in the giant 1!!


My sister’s shower for my niece: Purple, Pink, Turquoise, and Gold decor! My sister painted an old dresser for my niece’s nursery white, with purple, pink, and turquoise drawers. This was my inspiration for the shower!

I designed the wreathe and banner for my niece’s room to match the dresser my sister had painted! I think that wreathe is one of the nicest things I’ve ever made!!
My attempt to copy some of the Pinterest decor out there. It turned out pretty good, but we couldn’t turn the lights on in the dining room!
Our extravaganza of pink and purple sugar snacks! I absolutely love all of the Pinterest posts with food all in one color, and this was my attempt at that!
The headband making station! This was a HUGE hit!! It also doubled as a shower activity and a gift for my niece! I’d defiantly recommend headband making for any baby girl shower!


My nephew’s second birthday party: Train themed! This was a super fan party to do because my nephew was old enough to really be involved! He’s a lover of all types of transportation, so my sister was inspired after seeing an invitation that said “Chugga Chugga Two Two!” This year, we DIY’d almost all of the decor! We were up until after midnight again with this party! Luckily, I grabbed my niece up right after the last guest left, and she and I took a nap while the rest of the family cleaned up!

My sister set up my nephew’s train toys for all of the kids to play with during the party!
Year 2 in photos was in the form of a train! Luckily, it was mostly straight!
My sister saw this food set-up on Pinterest, and we knew we had to do it!!
The outside was all me! I saw this on Pinterest, and I was not going to let my nephew down by not having the most epic train party! I was taking strips of black construction paper to their walkway after I ran out of duck tape! I’m very proud of my decorating skills with this one!


We’ve got 2 months before my niece’s party, and we’re already getting started! Look out for a post about an epic princess party come December!! Do you like party planning/decorating? What is your favorite theme for a party/shower?


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