Hey hey hey!! How is everyone? I’m very excited because I just finished my last full week of school! I have 2 discussion boards for next week, and then I am officially done with my master’s! Because I’ve been so busy with school lately, we aren’t going to be decorating much for Christmas this year. I’m a little sad about that because Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year! I absolutely LOVE to decorate! It’s just that this year I’ve been so busy with school that I’d rather just sit and do nothing or hang out with Stephen and Kingsley in my spare time than decorate.

We did, however, manage to take a trip to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens Galaxy of Lights! This is probably our only Christmas tradition, and it is definitely my most favorite! Since it’s just Stephen, Kingsley, and I, we haven’t really formed our own family traditions. We just visit with our parents’ and participate in the traditions from our individual homes growing up. There is one thing that Stephen and I have done together every year since we started dating. We take Kingsley to visit the Galaxy of Lights at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens on dog walking night every year. This has become our own little tradition, and I love it!

Remember when I went with my family to visit the gardens for Halloween? You can check that out here. The gardens do holidays big! Christmas is no exception! The Galaxy of Lights is a huge Christmas lights display. They have traditional Christmas characters and scenes, dinosaurs, nursery rhymes, and more! It’s made along a path for cars to drive and look at all of the lights. The first few weeks of opening (before Thanksgiving) they open the lights up for people to walk the path. They have 2 nights every year where you can bring your dog and walk it with them! That’s my favorite time to go because I love to do anything that we can include Kingsley in!

Here are some of my favorite displays and pictures I took from our night!

This is the entrance to the path.

This is one of my favorite displays every year. This display has lights that turn on and off and multiple moving pieces. I managed to capture this shot of the soldiers! I love toy soldiers at Christmas time!

This is one of the big scenes they have.

I really love this picture that I got of this one! I love how it has Huntsville highlighted with the rocket and then a classic “Sweet home Alabama!”

Another sweet scene in lights. This is one of the smaller displays, but it is so perfect in my opinion.

Stephen really loved this one. I think it’s super cute too!

This is a really fun area of the Galaxy of Lights! This area is set up to mimic like walking in snow. They play music in this area and they even have a fake snow machine that blows bubbles! It’s also always a super, super crowded area of the path, so I was excited to get a good picture of it!

There was a super sweet employee stationed in the “snow” area. She saw me taking Kingsley’s picture and offered to take one of all of us! Stephen and I rarely get pictures of the two of us when we’re out doing things that isn’t a selfie let alone one with Kingsley in it! I was very excited to get this picture, even if Kingsley refused to look at her!!


I always thought it was so odd that there was this huge dinosaurs section in the Christmas lights! However, it’s really set up nicely, and I’ve come to really love the dinosaurs! I love how I was able to get so many of them in this picture!

These trees are such a simple display, but they’ve always been one of my favorites! We took our Christmas card picture in front of these trees a couple years ago.

I really love that they have these Christian displays included. It seems rare that you see this many of them together. They also had some Hanukkah displays as well that I thought were really great.

I think this is such a cute classic Christmas scene!

The nursery rhyme section is so cute too!

This is another display that has movement to it. It is so funny! This is one I look for every year!

I think this is a cool walk way.

This is one of the only ones of a classic Christmas scene that I managed to get!

I like how they’ve labeled the train station Huntsville in this one!

This year the dog walking night was not near as crowded as it has been in the past, so I am super happy with the pictures I was able to get! I love going to see all of the pretty lights, and Kingsley always has a great time! He even got a goodie bag with a tennis ball from a local pet food store!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?



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  1. This looks like so much fun!! We’re just a few hours from the Creation Museum. They decorate their botanical garden with lights in the winter and I’ve always wanted to go. This makes me want to make it happen!

    • That sounds so cool!! If it’s anything like our gardens, I bet it’s awesome! My husband wants to go to the Creation Museum, we’ll have to go in winter if we go!

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