Hey hey hey, How’s everyone doing? Today I’m recapping our recent trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We did some really cool stuff that I had no idea were in Myrtle Beach, so I’m pretty excited to share it with y’all! We were there in October which is supposed to be “off season”, but we didn’t notice at all! We had great weather and so much to do!!

A couple years ago, we did a package with a time share company where we listened to their presentation in exchange for a weekend trip to Gatlinburg, TN, a 3-night hotel voucher to a continental U.S. city, and a 3-night Carnival cruise. The time share salesperson were very good. Although we held out resolve and didn’t purchase a time share, we did buy a “trial package” of the time share. So that’s how we ended up in Myrtle Beach!

When we first arrived, we were put in a hotel and not a condo as we expected. I joked saying they don’t let you go to their condo until after you listen to them try to sell you the time share. I was not wrong, and they didn’t even let us know the name of the condo we’d be staying a until we went to our presentation. We figured out why once we arrived at our condo the next day! It wasn’t terrible, but it was old and worn down. Almost all of the furniture squeaked or creaked when you sat on it, and just about everything was stained. We couldn’t complain too much since it worked out to be less than $100 a night for a condo on the beach. This was based off the “trial package” that we purchased. We spend our whole first day in Myrtle Beach at the time share presentation, then settling into the condo, and getting groceries for breakfast and lunch for the week. We did manage a quick visit to the beach though!

We got a good laugh out of what I referred to as the “cellar room” in our condo. It was basically a closet with bunk beds in it. The condo was a one bedroom. This wasn’t considered the bedroom, so I guess the cellar room would be a  nice way to save money on a condo if you had kids or something.

Stephen is pretty much in the doorway of the “cellar room”

The nice thing about the condo was that it was directly on the beach and every room was ocean front! It also had a super nice garden area, although we never used it.

The garden area of our condo! Also my attempt at the panoramic picture on the iPhone.

We spend our next two days just having nice, relaxing beach days. We were concerned about the weather before we got there due to hurricane Nate. Luckily, we had great weather almost the whole trip!

Our setup on the beach!
I was super excited to finally get to wear my sun hat!
Stephen on the beach!
wonderful beach

Our first two nights in Myrtle Beach, we just grabbed take out pizza from the pizza place across the street from our condo. Our third dinner, we went to a place called Graham’s Landing. It was recommended to us by the time share guy, and it was great!

Graham’s Landing
cool beach restaurant
Awesome beach back porch. I imagine it would be even better during the day!
We shared a cup of she-crab soup. It was so yummy!!
stuffed shrimp, it was delicious!
fried shrimp and scallops basket. These tater tots were seriously the best ones I’ve ever had!!

Our fourth day in Myrtle Beach, we decided not to hit the beach because we got a little sunburned the day before and we didn’t want to make it worse. I’d read a lot of reviews for multiple waffle restaurants in the area, so we decided to check out Trip Advisor’s #1 breakfast place that morning. It did not disappoint! It was a place called Johnny D’s Waffles and Bakery. It was so delicious; I wish we could have gone there everyone morning we had left! I’m jealous of my past self just thinking about these waffles!!

#1 for a good reason!
check out all of these delicious options!
my amazing red velvet waffle
Stephen loved his cinnaroll waffle!

Myrtle Beach has 2 separate outlet malls, so we decided to check one of them out for the day. Stephen grabbed some good work clothes and hiking clothes, so it was definitely a good outing!

Check out this adorable tiny Columbia jacket! Scored this for my niece.

That night we went to a dinner show called Pirate’s Voyage. It’s one of Dolly Parton’s shows and was your typical dinner show where one side of the auditorium was on a team vs the other side. We were on sapphire pirates’ team. It was an awesome show and we’d highly recommend it if you’re in the area! Note: it did have one part where it got dark and skeletons came out of the water, this could be scary for kids.

Pirate’s Voyage
Sapphire Pirates, our team, ship!
Crimson Pirates, the enemy, ship!
Menu for the evening. Everything was tasty!
The Sapphire Pirates!
My personal favorite, the sea lion! He alone made the show!

The next morning, we got up early to try to see the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was too overcast to see a full sunrise, but I did get some pictures of a pretty sky.

pretty sunrise

We enjoyed our last beach day trying to soak up all the rays and swimming we could!

We hardly have any pictures of the two of us that aren’t’ selfies, lol.

That evening we did my absolute favorite activity of the trip: a visit to the T.I.G.E.R.S Preservation Station. We got to hold baby tigers and monkeys! Look for another post soon all about this!

We’re holding a baby tiger!!!

We had my favorite meal this night at Flying Fish. My favorite food is seafood, and this place had my favorite of favorites: crab legs!

Yummy seafood place!
They brought us this free appetizer! It was some type of fish dip and was pretty good.
crab and shrimp boil! SO yummy!
all gone! We were so full, but it was so worth it!!!

The next morning, we woke up and said our final farewell to the beach then started out long car ride back home.

Overall we had a wonderful time at Myrtle Beach! We were warned before we went that the beaches there would not be as pretty as the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, which is what we’re used to. We were still surprised about the water being so brown. Myrtle Beach was also super, super touristy, which we weren’t expecting. It felt like Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg just at the beach instead of in the mountains. We probably wouldn’t go back to Myrtle Beach because it’s 9 hours away, and Gulf Shores (beautiful beach) is 6 hours away and Gatlinburg (touristy stuff) is 4 hours away. Myrtle Beach was super fun, just not worth the drive when we have similar things closer to home. I’m really glad we went though, because we would have never gotten to visit with the tigers! That alone was worth the trip!

Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach? If so, what was your favorite thing? Where is your favorite beach destination?


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