Hey hey hey! Happy New Year!! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! The stomach bug hit my family right at Christmas, so we had Christmas celebrations spread out. I have no fun pictures from the day, but we had a good time relaxing with everyone.

My sweet baby niece turned 1 year old at the beginning of December! She had a pink and gold princess party, and she had a blast! Her birthday fell right in the middle of the rush for all of my final assignments, papers, and projects for school, so I really had to work hard during the week to make sure I had enough free time to help decorate and set up for her party (that is my favorite part!!). I was super excited that I even had enough time the morning of to make her some sweet treats!

Here are some of the highlights from her pink and gold princess party:

A fun sign displaying all of her stats for her first year

I love her princess cake!

I made these rice krispy treat wands for everyone to enjoy. Complete with her initial, monogram, and 1!

This was the majority of the decorations. I think it turned out super sweet!

Here is where she enjoyed her birthday cake!

I only have a few pictures to share, but we had a great time celebrating her at her party!

What are some of the things you’ve done for your kids/nieces/nephews parties?


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