Hey hey hey! I am so looking forward to the weekend! The first week back to work after being off feels so long! Also, one of my co-workers took a new job, so now I’m doing both mine and his jobs. Work has been so hectic! I’m having trouble even keeping track of what day it is!!

We live in a town called Madison in north Alabama. It’s a suburb of Huntsville, if you aren’t familiar with it. To me, Madison feels like a fairly small town. However, I honestly don’t know how it stacks up to other towns or what an average town size is, lol. I can tell you Madison definitely isn’t a huge city, and it definitely isn’t a rural community. A couple weeks ago was my absolute favorite event in Madison: the Madison Street Festival!

Check out my bro-in-law in blue walking their dog, Mugsy!

The Madison Street Festival happens every year first Saturday of October. For me, and it seems the rest of the town, it is THE PLACE to be, and a not miss of the year!! It’s located in “Downtown Madison” which I kid you not is still just two little street with train tracks between them. There’s also a parade that kicks off the Street Festival.

When I was little, the Madison Street Festival took place only of these two streets and consisted people selling their arts and crafts and some games put on by local organizations. Performances were done by the local school cheerleaders, dance teams, and bands.

This is one of the streets considered in downtown. That building with a green awning was a jail that’s been converted into a restaurant!

Now it has grown to include a kid’s area with bounce house, crafts, petting zoo. There’s a classic car show, concerts, separate homemade goods vendors and art vendors, food trucks, and so much more! It takes up those two little streets in downtown, goes up a street into the residential area, and uses multiple fields and grassy areas all around.

All of the vendors!

It feels as though everyone in town at least makes an appearance at the Street Festival. You’re guaranteed to see at least 10 people you know!

This year, Stephen, Kingsley, and I met up with my sister, brother-in-law, their kids, and my mom for the Street Festival. We obviously had to hit up the children’s area for my nephew and niece, and it did not disappoint! There was stuff for both of them to do!

My sister and nephew are waiting so he can jump!
Check out this turtle! While my nephew jumped, my mom and I took my niece to look at the animals.
They had goats, lambs, lamas, and more!

We made our way through more of the Festival to see what else we wanted to check out. I always love to make a quick trip through the vendor’s that are selling homemade goods. When I was little there was always a man selling little airplanes made out of coke cans! I always wanted one, but my parents didn’t want to pay $15 for a coke can plane. I now understand their reasoning. Never fear, someone was still selling the planes! The other vendors sold such cool stuff from farmhouse décor to homemade pens to clothes!

We stumbled upon a human foosball court too! We didn’t play, but it looked like a lot of fun!

How cool is this?!

One of my favorite things when I was little was when a train would come through on the railroad tracks! One year, my parents let me put a coin on the tracks and let the train smash it as it went by! I had always heard that if you put a coin on the track it would cause the train to crash. Well, it did NOT cause the train to crash either, and tons of other kids were doing it too!

Watching the train go by
My niece checking out the train

We went to check out the vendors next. This area has morphed into things like insurance companies, gyms, churches, pet sitters, restaurants, people with direct sales businesses (Lipsense, Lularoe,  Sentsy), basically anyone who wants a booth to advertise/sell something. You can always get some free stuff in this area. Haha! We got free Zoe’s Kitchen cups and reusable grocery bags from a pet sitting company!

I love that Kingsley can come too because I always hate to leave him at home! He has a great time at the Street Festival every year!

Kingsley was really hoping for a delicious taste from this local ice cream shop!
He made a doodle friend too!

When I was in middle/high school I loved spending all day out at the Street Festival hanging with my friends. Now as an adult, I never want to miss, but I’m good with making my rounds and checking out everything I want to see then heading home!

My mom loves to stop and chat with the mayor at his booth though, so that’s we couldn’t leave without checking that out! I also feel like having him there at a booth really helps to make it feel like a community event!

Mayor’s tent!

That’s my favorite event my town has every year! I never want to miss! Do you have any town events that you love?


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