I’ll probably remember the exact moment my sister told me she was pregnant with my nephew for the rest of my life. It was a little over 3 years ago, in the summer, we had decided to be spontaneous and get a pedicure together, which was something we rarely do. We were sitting at this booth letting our toes dry and talking about random stuff. She told me that she and my brother-in-law were going to have a baby. I went silent…

See, I’ve never really liked kids. I like specific kids, but if you were to ask me in general “do you like kids?” My answer would be no. I could probably count on one hand the kids that I liked and didn’t mind spending time with. Babies, I liked even less. They’re so wiggly and weird. Here my sister is telling me that she’s going to have a baby. And I know that I will be required to spend time with this baby.

Honestly, inside I was freaking out! All I could think of was “WHY?!” Why would you do this? My next thought was “on purpose?” Through all of this, I managed to get a weak “congratulations” out of my mouth. When my sister tells this story, it goes something like “and then she (me) got a look of pure horror on her face and said ‘cooongraaatulaaations?’”

A huge surprise to myself, I got very excited about my upcoming niece or nephew. When I found out I was getting a nephew, I was honestly a little disappointed. To me, if there’s going to be a baby, it should at least be a girl baby. However, that was short-lived! I grew even more excited for my new nephew!

The day that I got the text message telling me he would be arriving, I took the rest of the day off work. I didn’t want to miss him! Turns out, I know nothing about babies and labor, and I spent 12 hours chillin in the hospital waiting room with my parents and brother-in-law’s parents. We didn’t get to meet him until after 10 that night, so I took the next day off work too so I could meet him!

To further show how little I knew about babies, I was very surprised by how boring he was and I was disappointed to learn he would do nothing for a few more months. Stephen said to me “what, did you think he was going to come out and play tennis with you?” I didn’t think tennis, but I did think he’d do more than sleep… In his defense, he did have a broken collar bone, so he was probably in pain and just didn’t want to deal.

As he’s grown, I’ve loved to spend time with him! He’s so much fun! I honestly never thought I’d love hanging out with a little guy like him as much as I do! He’s constantly changing and learning new things and surprising me! He called me “Shoe” for a while, which was weird but awesome. I didn’t even care that he was calling me “Shoe” when he’d walk up to me and address me!

Last year, I got a niece too! We were taking my nephew on a walk when my sister told me she was pregnant again. I didn’t have the complete shock like last time. My main concern was that she was due the day before my birthday, and I really didn’t want to have to share my birthday. That is my sister’s fun story about me for when she told me about my niece. It worked out though, and she ended up arriving 10 days before my birthday! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t near as excited leading up to her arrival as I was my nephew, but once she arrived I was all about her!

I absolutely adore being their aunt! They’re hands down my favorite kids for sure! I’ve recently started taking my nephew out for “Aunt-Nephew hang outs” which is the best time! We have coordinating t-shirts and everything! Our first trip was to the local children’s museum and then to BJ’s for a cookie and ice cream! We had a blast and were wiped out afterwards! Our second trip was to the new trampoline park in town and then to Target to, as my nephew says “check out some new toys”! I picked him up “giant garbage truck” that he’s been wanting forever! I can’t wait for more of these days!

I’m pretty sure my little nephew could get me to do absolutely anything. After church a couple weeks ago, he looked at me and said “Aunt Kristy come to my house?” Next thing I know I’m shoved between his and my niece’s car seats riding to lunch with them. I almost took off work one day when I got a video from my sister of my nephew saying “Aunt Kristy come over?” followed by my sister trying to explain to him that I was at work. He absolutely melted my heart when I got a video of him lying in bed saying “want to talk to Kristy!”

My niece has me too, there was a time when she cried if anyone but her mom, dad, or I held her. She also has this expression of awe when you give her a gift, like she can’t believe you got her something. I love picking her up little stuffed animals just to see that face! As soon as she can start making me videos and requesting me to come over, I’m a goner!

I love these two kiddos so much more than I ever thought I could! Admittedly, they were wiggly, weird, and boring as tiny babies. But they’ve grown into such fun, smart, hilarious, wiggly toddlers! I love teaching them to say and do things! My nephew and I love to channel Lorelai Gilmore and yell “coffee coffee coffee” while walking through grocery stores. I taught him fist bump, and we’re working on thumbs up! We’ll start on fist bump with my niece soon!

I went from someone who was shocked and horrified to have a nephew to someone who can’t get enough of both my nephew and niece! I couldn’t imagine spending time with any babies; now I’m willing to do anything for those two! It’s a surprise to us all!

Do you have nephews/nieces? Have you been through this attitude change towards kids? Were you shocked like me about a future family member?


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