Hey hey hey! How are you this Friday? Today is my off day, so I’m very happy! I plan on doing nothing and partaking in one of my most favorite things which is watching tv. There are probably tons people out there that will tell me this will kill me, but I really don’t care. I love relaxing on the couch watching a TV show or movie after work! To be fair, I also love reading equally as much; I’ve just been reading so much for school lately that TV is my go-to right now. So this subject was a hot debate in our house for a while.

Our discussion started probably 3 years ago. My husband loves to save money. He’s always trying to come up with different ways we can save money. Now I’m the spender, so some of his ideas I feel like are absolutely insane. Some of his ideas are good, but it takes me some time to come around to them. This was one of those ideas.

We had DIRECTV. My parents had DIRECTV, and I was used to it. So when I moved into our house, I just got DIRECTV too. Also, the neighborhood was new, so the only options were satellite TV. As with all TV companies, the price started out really good! I had satellite TV for like $30 a month! Slowly but surely it worked its way up to over $100 a month. This is when Stephen decided we no longer needed it.

I was majorly unconvinced. I just couldn’t live without my DIRECTV and vast options of TV watching!! I did, however, agree to call and try to get the price lowered. Apparently one of Stephen’s friends successfully did this.

I called them up and had to talk to them for quite some time. After a long discussion and several transfers, they gave me a deal! They gave me a $30 credit to the account, lowered the price $30 a month for 6 months, gave me the movie channels free for 3 months, and sent me some box that I could hook up to my TV that would connect to the internet and basically give me the Netflix of DIRECTV. I was happy, Stephen was happy, and we went on.

Now everyone knows this is how they get you. You absolutely fall in love with those movie channels they’ve given you for free. So when the 3 months are up, you don’t pitch a fit when your bill increases by like $50 because you know it’s your fav movie channels. We went on like this for a while, until our bill got over $130 a month, just for TV. Stephen had been bringing up cancelling the DIRECTV for a few months at this point and I always brushed him off until the bill got that high!

I started paying attention to what I was actually watching on DIRECTV. I was surprised to really admit that I wasn’t watching all that much live tv!! I was basically only watching the movie channels, things I’d recorded to my DVR, and the DIRECTV on demand Netflix type thing. This is when I finally started to come around to the idea of cancelling.

I started to research our options. My main concern was being able to watch the shows that I was currently watching live. Which was basically one show: Stitchers.

Shameless plug here: Stitchers is an awesome show on Freeform! If you’re looking for a new show, check it out!! You can catch it on Freeform.com and the Freeform app as well as Hulu. You will not be disappointed!!

Once I found out that I had the above options to watch my beloved Stitchers as well as watch the others shows I liked, I was more on board with “cutting the cord”.

So in January 2016, over a year since Stephen first brought up the idea, we went to the Apple store and purchased our Apple TV. We brought it home, set it up, and subscribed to Netflix and Hulu. After an hour long conversation with DIRECTV where the woman tried very hard to convince me that I would miss out on watching the news (I assured her I would not as I never watched the news to start with), we were free of cable!

Our bill went from over $130 a month to $17.98 a month!

We’ve been cable free for over a year and a half now, and I haven’t looked back! I was so surprised by how much I do not miss cable at all! I don’t even think I could go back to regular cable and not get to choose exactly what I want to watch all of the time! I also get so impatient with the length of commercial breaks when I watch cable TV now!

Coming from someone who loved having cable so much, I’m so happy with our decision to cut cable! I’d recommend it to anyone! Have you ditched cable too? What do you think? If you still have cable, what is your favorite thing about it?


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  1. Hey there! I’m stopping by from Whimsical September and am your newest follower! We’ve Ben talking about ditching directv too, but my husband does watch the news and we really like our local channels. I need to make that call though that gets the price down a bit!

    • Hey! Thank you so much for stopping by!! We’ve loved our experience ditching directv. My sister and her husband did the same, and they bought an antenna and are able to pick up quite a few local channels and some others! Antenna’s are supposed to be fairly cheap too, so maybe y’all can go that route! Thank you again for taking time to come by!

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