Hey hey hey! I am so excited that it’s Friday! I love the weekends, haha! Who doesn’t? We were supposed to go to Myrtle Beach, SC for vacation tomorrow, but we ended up canceling the trip because of the hurricane. So I’ve got a free weekend that I’m looking forward to relaxing!

Today I’ve got a breakfast recipe to share with you! I was introduced to overnight oats when doing a clean eating challenge, and I love the ease of it! The recipe I was using tasted pretty good, but had a texture I didn’t just love. It also required a fair amount of prep work the night before. So because of those two things, after the clean eating challenge was over I quickly grew tired of my oats.

I stumbled across these babies at Kroger one day, and I’ve been eating these overnight oats for breakfast ever since.

I’ve been wanting to create my own overnight oats that were similar to these store-bought ones but with less sugar and other stuff. So, I’ve been working on my recipe and finally got it!

It’s pretty simple and easy to make! I use old fashion oats, flaxseed meal, walnuts, dried fruit ( I’ve been using pineapple and papaya but thinking of trying berries next time), honey, and almond milk.

I start with half a cup of oats and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed meal.

Then I add a handful of walnuts. I bought halves and pieces, and I break these up a little more while adding them. I also add a handful of dried fruit. These pieces are a little big too, but I just really don’t feel like chopping them up.

Last, I add a tablespoon of honey, a cup of almond milk, and stir it all together.

I put the lid on the container and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. When I wake up the next morning I have a delicious, healthy breakfast! You can also make them at the beginning of the week, and they stay fresh in the refrigerator all week! I’ll admit, they’re definitely not as sweet as the store bought ones, but they have way less sugar!

What is your go-to breakfast? Have you tried overnight oats? What’s your favorite recipe?


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