Hey hey hey! First, my heart goes out to everyone impacted by the shooting in Las Vegas. It’s hard to even think about tragedy like this one. I’m praying for everyone impacted as well as the city and our nation. 

So it’s been a week since I’ve managed to post! School recently picked up, I’m training for some additional duties at work, and combined with putting everything into the car search, I lost all motivation to do much beyond watch tv while at home. Also, Stephen has been out of town during the week for work, so I’ve gotten the tv completely to myself! This week I’m really trying to build back up the motivation!

Last week was pretty slow during the week. It was my first full week with the new car, so I’m still learning all the tricks in it! I found out that there is a sensor on the steering where that controls the radio volume when you run your thumb or finger over it! It’s wild!

That button on the right with the + and – changes the volume when I run my finger over the ridges!
I stay in the office for lunch most days to work on homework and prepare blog posts. I used to make my lunches, but I got tired of eating the same thing every day. Lately I’ve been eating frozen lunches. I buy from the “organic/natural” section at Kroger to help make myself feel better about eating a frozen meal, lol. Last week I had this meal from Saffron Road, and it was probably the most flavorful frozen meal I’ve ever had! I was so delighted by it, that I just had to share it!

Extremely tasty lunch!
Friday was my off day, so I spent some time with my favs (the nephew, niece, and sister)! My sister sent me a pic of my nephew in the car before they left, so I took this selfie to send to him. I really love how my lipstick turned out, which is uncommon for me!

loving this lip color!
I went with my sister to this place my nephew LOVES! It’s called Let’s Play, and its just this huge indoor play place for kids! My niece was able to play on some of the things too! I did’t get too many pictures here because I was busy chasing my nephew around! If you’re in the Huntsville area and have kids, I’d definitely check out Let’s Play! We had a blast!

This area had a small room with balloons that floated around! Also a carousel!

This area was like a miniature ropes course!

Hidden in here is a trampoline, ball pit, and many different slides!

My nephew loved going down this slide repeatedly as I cheered him on!
After we wore ourselves out playing at Let’s Play, we hit up our usual part of town for lunch, Village of Providence. We did Taco Mama for lunch, and Edgar’s Bakery for dessert. My sister and I split the chores by having me and my niece get the food at Taco Mama while my sister and nephew went to Edgar’s to grab dessert. We met up at Taco Mama just as the food arrived!

Yummy tacos!

My sister and nephew walking back from Edgar’s
Saturday was a busy day for us! In the morning, my mom and I took our doggies to the Dog Fair! Kingsley loves going to the dog fair, and he’s been every year except one! It’s a really cool event with rescues, vendors, and activities! Kingsley has gotten to try agility course as well as competed in the “Most Handsome Dog” competition! He never wins, but we have a great time! He also always comes home with free toys! This year, he got his nails trimmed for a donation to a local rescue, Friends of Rescue. I thought this was a great idea! So many people probably need their dog’s nails trimmed more than they need dog apparel or accessories. I also loved helping out a rescue that a couple of my friends are extremely involved in!

Mom and her dog Dixie participating in the “Prettiest Dog” Competition

Kingsley begging for some treats from a vendor (he ended up getting several!)
Saturday night one of my good friends got married!! We met in 2004 or 2005 in youth group and became fast friends! She’s an awesome woman of God, and I’m so thankful to have her as a friend! Her wedding was absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had thought to snap a few more photos. Have you ever gone to an event and could see the person’s personality in every detail? That was how her wedding was! Everywhere you look, you could see her! Can we also just take a moment to discuss how incredibly beautiful she is?

She’s absolutely glamorous!!
I did manage to remember to get a picture with by hubby, which I usually forget! I’m glad we managed to get a pic!

Me and my handsome husband!
That was an awesome end to our week! How was your week?


4 comments on “Highlights from Our Week September 24 – 30”

    • Thank you! It was the one time I was thankful that fall hadn’t kicked it yet so I could wear it, haha! You definitely need to check out Let’s Play! It’s like $6 or something for a kiddo and adults are free and it’s for all day!! So you can leave for lunch or whatnot and come back and play some more! It’s great!!

  1. What a fun filled weekend! The Let’s Play place sounds super fun. And what kind of new car did you get? We’ll prolly be in the market for one soon so we can tote all these kids around! 🙂

    • Let’s Play was awesome!! I ended up getting a Honda CR-V. I feel like I test drove every small SUV in existence, we went with the CR-V because it had the most space of the ones we were looking at! I really wanted a more sporty, cool looking vehicle, but we figured whenever we have kids we would appreciate the extra space more than looking cool! Haha

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