Hey hey hey! I hope that everyone is staying safe from the hurricane. We’re praying for everyone in the impacted areas! Now we’re bracing for storms here which was a surprise to me! My husband made me help pull patio furniture in last night, haha! 

So, I’ve been really struggling to remember to take pictures of our day to day life. Which totally defeats the purpose of one of the big reasons I started this blog, to be able to look back on our memories! I finally made an effort to take pictures all week! Here are the highlights from our week!

Last Saturday was the return of UAB football! Can we talk about that game for a minute?!

UAB wins!!
And did you see Timothy Alexander WALK?! You need to google it and watch that, like now! Clearly, excited is an understatement for how I was feeling on Saturday!

Stephen’s parents and sister were in town for the weekend, and we had a nice visit with them! Monday was glorious because we were off work! Stephen went hiking, so I had a lazy day! I went to my parents in the afternoon and got to spend some time with my sweet nephew and niece!

Check out the mess of legs on this lazy doodle!
The work week was typical for us except that we managed to get all of our meal prep done on Monday, so the week went a lot smoother regarding dinner!

Friday I tried a new lunch spot, Rollin Lobstah! It was good! I got the Connecticut roll and added lobster bites. Very tasty! The roll wasn’t quite as good as the lobster rolls I had in New England last year, but I didn’t expect it to be. It was definitely very good! I’d go back!

Lobster roll and lobster bites! Yummy!
My new Emily Ley Simplified Planner was here when I got home from work! I was so excited to bust this baby open and check it out!

That night, we went to concert on the docks at Lowe Mill, which is a local artsy place. I’ve only been there once before, but our friends from church invited us and we decided to check it out! Kingsley was able to come too, so we always love going places we can take him along!!

Kingsley enjoying the music
I also had an amazing popsicle while there! haha! It was key lime pie flavored! Best popsicle I’ve ever had!

Amazing popsicle! Kingsley wanted some!

Cool shot of the water tower!
Saturday we had no plans, and spend the day doing our favorite things and hanging out! That morning we met some friends from church to celebrate a birthday! She wanted to check out this coffee shop downtown, Honest Coffee. It had a great atmosphere and good coffee! We had a fun time hanging with friends!

Iced coffee and homemade pop tart!
We had lunch at our favorite restaurant in town, Saffron! We love this place so much, we sometimes go multiple times a week! It has amazing Indian food, and a buffet at lunch!! It’s on County Line Road in the Publix shopping center in Madison, and you NEED to check it out!

We took Kingsley to his favorite store in town too, Urban Pet Hub! We picked up some food and a few treats! We love this pet store! The owner is so nice and remembers Kingsley and what he likes! She always gives him little goodies to go! If you’re looking for a place to shop for your fur babies, check out Urban Pet Hub!

Kingsley’s favorite shop!
We spent the afternoon hiking, which is one of Stephen’s favorite activities. Usually just Stephen and Kingsley go because they like to do hard hikes, I’m talking like 6-8 miles! Stephen suggested we check out a place that has easier hikes and usually only a couple other people, Wade Mountain. We did 3.8 miles according to my Apple Watch, lol! It was a lot of fun and SUCH nice weather!!

Kingsley didn’t want to waste time with pictures!

This pretty butterfly stopped by for a picture!
We finished up the evening relaxing and watching the St. Louis Cardinals game! Stephen doesn’t usually like to watch whole baseball games, but he was awesome and said he didn’t care if we watched it! They won! They’re surprisingly still in the race for the division and wildcard! September baseball, y’all! Anything can happen!

It was a wonderful, relaxing, fun day!! What have y’all been up to lately?


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