Hey hey hey! How was y’alls week? Mine was much less traumatic on the car front, but exhausting as we were out, seriously, every night until close to 9:00 pm looking at cars! I think I test drove every small, non luxury brand, SUV that Huntsville had to offer! I wish I was kidding. Stick around to the end of this post to check out my new car!

Sunday was one of my very best friends Whitney’s 30th birthday! She’s the first in our group to turn 30. We’ll all be there by next May, but I still feel better about it knowing I’m not first, haha! A few years ago we all decided we were going to take a little girls trip for our 0 birthdays (30, 40, 50…) so that they’re fun and exciting and not sad! We just brought up the subject, so I’m excited to see what we do for our first one! Here is the oldest picture of me and Whitney that I have. It’s from 6th grade (1999-2000) back when we spoke to each other almost exclusively in a made-up language!

Happy birthday Whit! I love you!

Monday I cleaned out our garage all by myself because Stephen had to work late! This was so that we could get my eclipse into it! My daddy said he’d help to fix it so that I could still have my fun car!

Hard work for me!
My car is home!

Wednesday was mine and Stephen’s 3rd wedding anniversary! You can catch more memories from our wedding here.

Happy Anniversary Stephen! I love you!

We also had a fun team building luncheon at work where we went bowling! I really enjoyed this! My favorite previous office used to have events like this, and it’s been a while since I’ve been to a work event like this! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to hang out with my co-workers in a purely social setting! I think it really makes work more enjoyable when you’re friends with your co-workers.

That’s me at the bottom, KK!

Thursday, my sister discovered that my niece’s hair is officially long enough for pigtails!!! I’m totally obsessed with her hair like this!

Cutest baby pigtails ever!

Really, could there be anything cuter? Maybe this guy:

my big baby!

They’re totally tied, but don’t tell either one of them! Thursday was when I finally decided on which car I wanted too! We still hadn’t gotten it then though!

Friday I went to my friend’s Pampered Chef party. I was really looking forward to this because it sounded really cool. We were sent ahead of time a list of various meal choices. We picked a set of 10 meals and purchased in advance a set of the Pampered Chef spices. We were also sent a grocery list prior to the party and we brought all the groceries with us to the party. At the party we used the spices we’d purchased and the Pampered Chef products they had to assemble 10 crock pot freezer meals!! I thought it was totally awesome because I actually took home something super useful! (Not that the cooking products aren’t useful, but just, food is better)

working on my meals!
my Pampered Chef spices!
freezer full of meals ready to go into my crock pot!

Saturday was the day we got my car! After test driving what I felt like was every small SUV available, I finally decided on… the Honda CR-V! I also wanted blue, which is why we had to wait a day before we could buy it, they had to bring it down from TN. I totally love it!!

so pretty!
my favorite: that lift gate opens on it’s own!
Kingsley approved!

The rest of the weekend we just relaxed and hung out! I hope that you had a great week too! Did you do anything exciting?


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