Hey hey hey! How was everyone’s week? We had crazy tropical storm weather at the beginning of the week! The end of the week ended up being beautiful! We also got our first taste of fall weather! The week ended on a stressful note, but all is well!

Tuesday we actually had the day off work because of the tropical storm, so I spend the afternoon with my favorites, my nephew and niece (and my sister)! We got lunch at a restaurant we hadn’t tried before, Taco Mama! It had a fun atmosphere and great food! My sister and I each had one chicken taco and one beef taco, and I’d definitely recommend them! My nephew had the chicken quesadilla and he enjoyed eating the insides out of it, lol, and my niece had some cheese dip! I’d definitely go back to Taco Mama again!

my nephew perusing the menu

where you place your order

soft chicken taco, crunchy beef taco, and Mexican mac’n’cheese

soft chicken taco, soft beef taco, and guacamole
I love these times I get to spend with my nephew and niece. We have such a great time just hanging out! This outing we had a good round of beating the table while my sister was ordering food.

I also got this great picture that pretty much sums up my sisters life right now:

trying to keep my nephew from doing something while my niece chews on her shirt and tries to take her phone
Next we went to mine and my nephew’s favorite place: Cake store! haha aka Edgar’s Bakery! It’s a fun bakery that also has breakfast and lunch. We love going in there and looking at the cool nicknacks and grabbing some sweets! My nephew loves staring at all of the cakes! haha

My favorites are the strawberry cupcakes and macaroons! I was super pumped to see a new larger box of macaroons available, so I definitely grabbed those!

soo yummy
Next my nephew wanted to “go check out toys”! So we made a quick trip to target!

On Wednesday, I got an award at work! This was my first individual award, so I was pretty pumped!

couldn’t pass up a cubical selfie with my award!
Thursday was most exciting because my car broke down on the way home from work! Haha! Stephen had to come and pick me up, and I got the opportunity to use my co-workers towing service! If you in the Huntsville area and in need of towing or roadside services, I definitely recommend Chandler Towing! Check them out here!

waiting on Stephen

sweating all of my makeup off!
Friday was the worst day of my week 🙁 It started out fine as it was my off day and I relaxed around the house. After lunch my husband called and said he talked to the mechanic and that the engine in my car was dead. He said it would cost $7,000 to replace the engine and that my beloved car wasn’t worth that much, so I had to get a new car. This hit me way harder than expected. My car was my graduation present from high school, and since I received a full scholarship to UAB, I got to pick out exactly the car I wanted. My dream car at 18 years old was my blue Mitsubishi Eclipse. I love that car! I’ll be completely honest and admit that I cried way longer than expected over the loss of my Eclipse. So Friday evening, Stephen made me go and start looking at new cars.  Everyone else is so excited, and I’m just being a baby and I want my car.

Friday night we ended the awful day by meeting our friends at Lowe Mill for another concert on the dock. The musicians tonight were better than the previous week in my opinion. I got another amazing popsicle too!

yummy buttermilk lemon popsicle!
Kingsley didn’t get to come because we came straight from the car place. I definitely missed having him around. However, there was a goldendoodle a little bit in front of us. I creeped on him and snagged a few pictures!

Saturday was significantly better, as I was over the initial shock from the loss of my car. We spent the entire day looking at cars! I didn’t expect it to be so tiring! I think we went to like 5 different dealerships and looked at their small SUV’s. I test drove so many cars I couldn’t remember what some of them were even like! Luckily, we got it narrowed down to the Mazda CX-5 and the Nissan Rogue, but we still want to go to a couple more places and check out what they have! Anyone have any recommendations for a small SUV?

even Kingsley was tired!!
How was your week? I hope less stressful than ours!


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