Hey hey! I’m excited about this post because this was such a fun and easy project! I was so excited to make this farmhouse sign and I’m in love with how it looks on my wall! I love the farmhouse signs on Etsy, but they’re always so expensive! I’ve said I could make one for cheaper, so I finally decided to give it a try! I was able to complete the entire thing in just one lazy day off work.

We were cleaning our house for Stephen’s sister to come visit, and I realized how many books we have! I mean it’s borderline ridiculous. They’re in every room of the house! Filling up bookcases and shelves, on our coffee table, in boxes in closets, on the floor of our bedroom, we’re running out of places for them! The only reason it’s not ridiculous is because it’s books…

Anyways, since I’m a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to add some Gilmore Girls flair to the house! I’m Team Jess all the way, so of course I went with the classic “Well, what is much?” Perfect, right? I mean there’s nothing more that Jess and Rory love than books.

We have some wood in the garage leftover from our entryway project. I made my way to the garage and looked at what we had. I didn’t want to take on too large of a project for my first try, so I decided just to take one of the wide pieces of wood we have and cut it off into a square. I haphazardly measured the sides of my square and cut some small pieces for my frame. This was a HUGE mistake in my measuring and I paid for it later!

Since I didn’t realize how terrible I had measured, I just brought my pieces inside and started painting. I wanted to use my chalk paint because I like the way it looks when finished with the wax. I painted the square with the white chalk paint. I decided I was going to do an experiment with the chalk paint. I have this plastic thing for paint with little cubbies to squirt different colors in, so I put some of the white chalk paint in one cubby and some brown acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby in another. I took little scoops of each and mixed them in a third cubby until I got the shade I was looking for. I used this to paint the pieces of my frame. I didn’t know how this was going to turn out. I was hoping that it would work with the wax finish and have the same look as chalk paint by itself. Luckily, it did! It was perfect!

Once everything had dried, which didn’t take very long, I used a pencil and traced out how I wanted my sign to look. This took a couple tries, but I finally got everything placed how I wanted it.

I used some stencils from Hobby Lobby for the lettering because I don’t love my handwriting when I’m painting. This definitely took the longest because I had to wait for each letter to dry before doing the next. I tried to do them in an order where I could do more than 1 at a time to cut down on drying time.

I also did the same experiment with the chalk paint and acrylic paint for my lettering. I mixed white chalk paint with black acrylic to get a grey color.

Once the words and picture were done and dry, I added 1 coat of the chalk paint wax. I did just one coat because I knew it would be hanging up where the odds of it getting scratched were pretty slim. Also because I just didn’t want to wait 24 hours to add another coat.

Next, I placed my frame pieces around it all excited about finishing and realized I had a problem…

As you can see, my quick, careless measuring resulted in my frame not fitting. It was way too small! I didn’t want to have to re-do anything since I had put up all of my paints already. I’m totally aware how lazy that sounds too…

I decided I would cut my square down a little bit to fit my frame. I carefully measured this time, but somehow my square was now too small. So I had to cut a little off my frame pieces. It took a while, but I finally got it to fit!

I drilled some tiny holes in my sign and then hammered in the nails and Voila!

I hung it up in the hallway where my floating shelves are and I’m in love!!

I’m looking forward to making a sign to go the coffee mug rack I ordered, maybe I can do another Gilmore Girls inspired sign!

Have you ever thought “I could so make that for cheaper!” and actually done it? How did it go?


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